Ab Rocket Twister

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Money back warranty for 5 to 7 days Ab Rocket Twister is a training device shaped like a chair, with cushioning, an articulated back, and a lockable rotating base. By doing a set of exercises (‘rocking’ like in a rocking chair, and ‘twisting’), it tones up your abs and reduces your waistline (by working on your obliques). .


 1- Reduced belly fat

 2- Improve the appearance of ab muscle definition

 3-strengthening core Back 4-Exercise require from 5 to 15 mints per day for effective results The AB ROCKET TWISTER System Includes: Ab Rocket TWISTING Machine Fat Blasting DVD Workouts 3 Different Resistance Cylinders from Beginner to Advance . .  Note:

 1: Equally effective for men and women Note

 2: Free delivery in lahore

 3: Money back warranty for 5 to 7 days .

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